Film Time Academy days are coming

Film Time Academy days are coming
Second activity within the project “Film Time Academy” will take place in Helsingborg, Sweden between 25-31 October. After first activity where 36 young people from Sweden, Italy and Turkey produced three short movies focusing on the topic of discovering/interpreting fellings and identitees, this time we will gather 12 young people from Turkey, 12 from Italy and 15 from Sweden, to discuss all the reactions that movies created, and to praise the one of the films that got the most attention. The participants will be offered a possibility to visit some regional places of interest or special theme nights, where they can preset their countries, cultures and ideas. The aim is to provide inspiration, challenge and knowledge to youngsters about shaping their expiriences into messages that could be spread to a wider audience, using audiovisuals like film as a means of communication.
The final audiovisual product of the project will be demonstrated on public in Helsingborg.

Autumn Creative WORKSHOP

Welcome ladies to another adventure, finding out more ways to learn yourself and discover the world in a creative way.

Three workshops, a light lunch, plenty of talks, new acquaintances, skills, inspiration and ideas.

Time: 11.00 – 16.00

Place: Halmstad Proqvi’s creative atelié at Stenine Smycken.

OBS!!! Registration is obligatory due to limited places, latest 04/10.

creative workshop