Outintic Study Visit in Sweden!


It’s time for the study visit for our long term project Outintic! It will take place between 1-6 August in Hästveda, Sweden.

The project is pursuing an attempt to change the perspective, and therefore vision about possibilities and view on limitations, for young people whose learning, communicating and behavioral patterns
differ from their peers. We hope to bring youth workers (generalist) and people working especially
with young people with psychosocial and cognitive conditions(specialists) together to exchange
practices and develop an innovative holistic and cooperative approach to young people’s deviant
competence development and learning style in order to increase inclusion in their communities.

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Filmtime Academy 2019 Accomplished!

“FILMTIME ACADEMY” is a project where 36 young people from Sweden, Italy and Turkey meet in Hästveda, Sweden between 03-17 July, 2019 in order to produce their own short films focusing on the topic of discovering/interpreting feelings and identities. Mostly cinema students and multimedia production interested young people joined this project.

The organizing team aimed to provide inspiration, challenge and knowledge to youngsters about shaping their experiences into messages that could be spread to a wider audience, using audiovisuals like film as a means of communication. The participants experienced that they have more similarities than differences, in their cultural contexts and personal opinions in the process.

After 2 weeks full of discussion, struggle, sleepless nights but also a lot of fun and laughter, we ended up with 3 short films all taking place in Hästveda.


Poster01-1 Poster01-2 Poster01-3

Intercultural World Evening!

During three hours this will happen:
– we will present simple techniques that we use in our projects, when we need to learn a lot of names quickly;
– games and challenges that increase puls and laugh rates on the spot!
– we will tell shortly about Erasmus+ program and how any young person can benefit from it, including travel all over Europe, learning languages, boosting own ideas and meeting other passionate young people!
– open stage! Come and show us what you’ve got. Prizes for everyone who does.
– art workshop: get creative!
– snacks and drink, some fructose for young minds 
– music and then some more music. Just be yourself, it is what makes the world go around!
See you!
intercultural day

@ABF Helsingborg


Höstens program: anmäl er till tusenmila@gmail.com!

Välkomna att anmäla er till höstens aktiviteter! Skriv alltid namn på aktivitet i ämnesfält, i meilet till tusemila@gmail.com. Svårare än det är det inte!

PSss… Aktiviteter är gratis för föreningens medlemmar. För icke-medlemmar, ta reda på villkor innan du anmäler dig, och avgift på 100-1000SEK tillkommer.

Att bli medlem: läs gärna våra stadgar  och betala medlemsavfigt, 100 kr för 2019 till Bg645-8327. Markera betalning med ditt namn och “2019”.

i PDF: proqvi höstprogram 2018

proqvi hösten 2018

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