Filmtime Academy

Participants of our final audiovisual product of the project Filmtime Academy. The presentation took place at the Dukers kulturhus.filmtime-academy

FilmTime Academy Project was an intense experiment where young people from three countries were putting their heart and soul into film production, exchanging experiences and perspectives on all from cooking to relation to supernatural stuff.

Check the Shortfilms bellow, where nearly 80 participants wrote, directed, produce for the first time. They all contributed on many levels to the movies, which you may find here with more detailed credits:

The Flight is a short film directed by Gagan Preet Sight during FilmTime Academy in July, 2019.
Flashback is a music video about gangsters made by Erdinç Taktürk, Jema Jones, Dario Casali and Ece Güler.
Taxi Nightmare is a short film made by the Swedish young director AsmaTribis.
The backstage was courageously put together by the Italian filmmaker
Ruggero Poli Lener.

The Project was made possible thanks to Erasmus+ programme and Swedish National Agency of European Commission, MUCF.

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