EVE-EWRA: 1st visit

The first visit was hold in May 2016 in Sweden, and had one joint event open for the public, with Skåne Innovation week.

The results and the materials of the visit are an intermediate step in our investigation around methodology of facilitation of young women in rural areas, and as a part of final report it will be first presented at the conference in Alicante during the last visit, and therefore after finalization  will be available for free use by relevant stakeholders upon request.

Please contact us if you want to follow the development of the project and take part in the seminarium,  directly to the project leader Tania Bauder at tania.bauder@gmail.com.

Study visit EVE-EWRA may-june 2016, program: EVE-EWRA schedule_1visit sweden

Study visit EVE-EWRA may-june 2016, pictures


skåne innoweek 2016 annons

International Association for Women and Youth