Board and international reference group members 2023

Tania Bauder
Education: journalism, law and gender studies.
Passion: leaning techniques and recognition of multiple normalities. Also social initiatives and experiments, identity search and philosophy.
Favorite quote: Democracy is a bitch: the one who speaks gets to decide.
Kristoffer Linde

Treasurer: temporary out

International reference group member: Catarina Cesar, Portugal
Trilingual independent screenwriter and filmmaker. Now divides her work between Portugal, Spain, and the UK.
Board Member: Marta Husarava
Board Member: Marie Göthberg
She used to work as a ICU-nurse, now retired since a couple of years. Living her life day by day without stress and with very little fixed plans. Her passion is riding her motorcycle in nice wheather.
Favorite quote: If you think it is impossible, it’s only because you haven’t found the method yet.
Board Member: Sophia Hussen, local department leader, Stockholm
Auditor (non-authorized): Olena Litvishko
Board Member: Janja Vickovic
Board Member: Ulla Werkström, leader of a local department of ProQvi in Halmstad /Steninge: Creative atelie.
International reference group member: Hanadi Yusuf, Ethiopia 
Capacity Building Officer CSO, Youth Advisory Panel Board Vice President for Plan International Ethiopia, Gender Equality Advocator, Trainer, National Steering Committee for PURPOSEBLACK Ethiopia
Favorite quote: “Be the Ease on Someone’s Hardship”
Board Member: Yvonne Dornfield
While living in Mali she heard for the first time about genital mutilation. Then started to be very engaged for women’s rights: As part of her studies, she wrote several papers, mainly on the subject of genital mutilation. She refounded the Berlin group of TERRE DES FEMMES and organized meetings and actions. Active in the Woman’s Network of GE and received a Silver Award. She is also a Tango dancer.
Favorite quote: When I don’t know how to handle some things – I learn from them.
International reference group member: Judith Asegujudith, Uganda

Nahide Görun, Turkey

International reference group member: Nahide Görun, Turkey.
A doctor and a passionate world traveller with special heart for women who choose travel alone.

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