Linneblå 2012



  1. Facebook: we will try to do our best and update information about the meetings and program. All your comments are needed and welcomed!
  1. Cinema Röda Kvarn: there you can see a series of lithographs “Cards” by an amazing artist Maryna Kapilava, completed with a workshop, café, concert of Akana-NHS at the vernissage and presentation – not necessarily in this particular order.
  1. RumEtt, Dunkers kulturhus: exhibition of students’ works, batik and oil paintings this year with – if lucky – several models of animals done in different materials Akana-NHS is an honorable guest of the festival and this year they are coming again. Don’t miss the concert at the vernissage!  In the last day of the festival young people are going to go wild on each others bodies: what did you think of? I meant bodyart. Come and see!
  2.  Within the festival several workshops will take plave involving Belarusian students and their colleagues from Sundsgården folkhögskola, but these are closed for public entry.

Vernissage utställning studenternas arbeten på Dunkers kulturhus:

linnebla vernissagelinnebla vernissage1 - kopia

Etno-musik av AKANA-NHS, biografen Röda Kvarn:



Gemensamt arbete av kulturpiloterna och vitryska studenter.

Efter en vecka av kommunikation och utforskning av svensk ungdomskultur i Helsingborgs område, utmanas vitryska gäster och Dunkers kulturpiloter att samarbeta och tillsammans ta fram ett konstnärligt budskap. I form av målade kroppar om det är så de känner för det!

linnebaBODY PAINT 1 linnebla BODY PAINTING 2

The festival at Dunkers kulturhus ended with a masterclass: paper and glass painting.

linnebla ws

Dunker kulturhus, Bjuvs och Billesholms bibliotek: Presentation om Belarus.

Fokus på affärsmöjligheter:

Vad är dagens Belarus? En överblick för de nyfikna.



A great thanks to Helsingborg stad that made the whole thing possible, as well as to

Dunkers kulturhus, DFDS Seaways, NBV, gallery Purpur, Cinema Röda Kvarn, St.Anna and St.Maria churches and International school of Helsingborg!

linnebla 7

To all who wants to support festival

Order a t-shirt with a unique pattern, develope by one of the particpants Daria Petrachkova.

llinnebla t shirt5.jpg-for-web-normal Linnebla web.jpg-for-web-xlarge - kopia
T’shirts cost 100 kr. plus shipment 36 kr. within Sweden. Contact festival coordinator Tania Bauder at
Payment to Bankgiro 645-8327, PROQVI (that’s how the arranging organization is called :))
Thank you!


International Association for Women and Youth