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Joining ProQvi means:

  • The opportunity to participate in our activities;
  • Receive free training, mentorship and the opportunity to
  • Make your own project!

Stage 1 – Support & Join Us!

Support and join us! Don’t miss exciting opportunities, stay in touch by becoming a member.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for 2020 is 10€.
Swedish residents can easily:

BANKGIRO 645-8327

SWISH 123 156 76 01

For our international members we have international bank account number:
IBAN: SE718000080507803021887-2

Please follow this path:

1) READ our memorandum so you are sure you know what our organisation is about. It is, just as you thought about supporting women and young people in their personal development, non-partisan and non-potitical, but you know, just in case. 🙂

To read the memorandum Swedish version please click here.

2) REGISTER to the link , it takes only a minute

3) PAY the membership fee when it suits you, but before the end of 2020. Thank you, and Welcome to the Community!

Stage 2 – Help Us!

Become a volunteer at any time, which activity or event you want!
Please see how to become a volunteer!

Stage 3 – Tell us!

After you work with us, you can pitch your own idea and become the leader of your own project! Which can go from a simple concept, training course, international experience, writing a book, directing a film, creating a festival, starting your own business to build your own company! Either if you need help to start a new project, or improve the one you already have!

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International Association for Women and Youth