Been there Done That

Been There Done That:
an honest talk youth leaders in between.

“Been There Done That” is an Erasmus+, KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers, training course project. 

It took place between 4-11 February 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey coordinated by ProQvi (Sweden) and facilitated together with partner organisations from Europe and Overseas territories. It will bring an overall 30 people, 28 youth workers and 2 trainers,
from 7 countries.

It was designed to address a difficult yet needed to discuss the
issue of failures in youth work and project work. Within this project, we wanted to gather our colleagues for an honest dialogue about the challenging points of youth work, and use diversity of professionals and organisational backgrounds to create as durable framework of reference of experiences and approaches for future youth work as possible. Unlike many methodological handbooks, we want to write a
book of painful experiences from actual projects, to help present colleagues all over the world and future specialists, to avoid common misjudgements and build on valuable experience, instead of facing the same pits, risking lose motivation for youth work when it doesn’t go as planned.

We aim to create a wide perspective as possible and invite participants from as far as European values, network and approach can count from Turkey to the Caribbean. We expect that the main impact will be
done in terms of changing attitudes where not only discussions about failures from storytelling turn into an effective tool of improvement but also communication between peers will include open talk and analysis of mistakes as an integral part of mentoring and support. It is enough of good practices out there, we expect a mutual focus on the details that are in the way of good practices to become more universal and easy to apply.


Youth workers 

– actively working with young people, specifically in urban, suburban and rural areas with lower accessibility, and limited communication, free time and career choices. 

– are 18+ and at least an intermediate level of English 

– have strong motivation to work on learning, non formal education and learning to learn

 – open to sharing and learning 

– have new project ideas and open to follow up activities 

– can commit to staying for the whole duration of the project (both activities and remote work).


Priorities will be people with fewer opportunities. The participants will be chosen via an online application form. Participant profile, motivation and commitments will be considered when selecting participants. We strive to reach an even gender representation as well. We do not exclude unvaccinated people. But we want you to give the priority to those have full vaccination. Please don’t buy your travels before you get a confirmation of your participation. The link to the application form is

The participation once approved and confirmed by ProQvi, is covered by the funds of European Union under conditions of the project budget, for more info please contact the project team at


International Association for Women and Youth