Plus Gender

Plus Gender is a long-term project combined with a contact-making event which took place between 10-16 December  2018 in Jonstorp, Sweden and a training course took place between 8-14 April 2019 Svalöv, Sweden hosted by ProQvi in under Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers. The project brings overall 27 people (25 youth workers and 2 trainers) from 12 different countries: 6 from program countries consist of Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Italy and 6 partner countries consist of Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine. A particular interest that lays behind this project is increased international migration processes, that actualize and problematize differences in social and political development in the countries, and therefore, different patterns of behavior, preparedness, and reaction on different challenges and situations in social life, by private individuals and in the work of officials. To promote gender equality as a horizontal priority of activities within different organizations and sectors is a condition for successful integration and multicultural understanding that must follow raise of the mobility of individuals as well as processes of internationalization of competence and expertise. Plus Gender addresses the issue of differences in understanding, approaches and expectation around work with gender-related issues between different countries, cultures and social groups, disclosing much deeper dimensions and implications of gender sensitivity in planning, conducting, evaluating and promoting of organizational work. The main objectives of the project are first, to create a wide and strong network of professionals in field of youth work, gender equality and advocacy, and second, to deepen and develop knowledge about gender issues and develop capacities of organizations related to gender equality issues, that can be relevant to new projects and increasing quality of existing efforts. Non-formal education methods such as energizers, games, role plays/simulations, experiential learning, reflection groups, field visits will be applied to reach the project aim and objectives. The target group is youth workers who are already working or have a strong motivation to work on gender equality issues. By establishing this positive example of cooperation, we hope to promote sustainable cross-sectorial partnerships for organizations working on gender equality issues all around Europe and outside, and to create a deep long-term impact on a personal and organizational level.


10-16 December 2018 Contact-Making Event

8-14 April 2019 Training Course

International Association for Women and Youth