Annual Creative workshop in Halland (North of Skåne, don’t mix up with Holland) 22 May 2021

Every year we sum up the season with a getaway, or a creative workshop, or both. Even a year like 2020-21 deserves a check out 🙂
Without daring to plan too far ahead, we do though plan to conduct another creative workshop at Ullas art studio, complemented with food, sunbathing and walks on the beach and in the forest.
Hurry up to register if you want to join!

Send an email to and pay the fee, either Swish to ProQvi to 1231567601, or pay to Bg 645-8327.
Please observe that this activity like many others, are open for members only, so we hope you want to become a part of our community of creative internationals as well. Your membership fee will be included in the fee for the workshop.

There will be a car going to Steninge where the workshop takes place, from Helsingborg. Let us know if you want to share the ride.

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