Swedish rural life meets Italian political communications, social work from Hongkong and acting from Brazil.

It will never stop amaze how different competences meet in the Outintic learning center in Hästveda. A whole pack of new experiences and learnings came forward, insights and talks for life.

This is how we want the community to grow around Outintic house and its philosophy, as a collective of people who co-live and co-work from each ones premises, together create comfortanble environment for mutual growth and development. Each one contributes with competence and time, each one has own space to rest and reflect. And each one knows that there is space and support to develop ideas that would help understand universum and contribute to more knowledge and awareness about competences, identities and relations.

Tommaso from Camarino, Italy has been helping us several times during the last ouple of years.
Keoma (Brazil), Perry and Ellie (Hongkong) have had Outintic house as home for several months. World's opposite sides meets around one table.

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