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Break the Silence, survive first

Dealing with a topic whose entrance is below the grass roots, we need to operate accordingly, immerging into culture like using public transport in Uganda.

But it is always worth it. From backyards of youth culture, to slums and local enthusiasts-journalists, a mighty picture of social culture where many issues of our own society get a new light, takes its form.

Meeting young specialists at Media Challenge Initiative

In our project Break the Silence, a big part is connecting to specialists and creatives in media brunch and that we got some help with! Big thanks to Patricia and Abaas at MCI! Many giving talks, discussions and following meetings! The subject of sexual abuse is really difficult to tackle but it does help to bring in perspective from different countries, historic views and conditions.

Ukrainian cooperation in Helsingborg, reflection is a journey

The group that has been created to study Swedish with an emphasis on social work and civil society, jas now come a point of multiple choices. Some gilrs got work offers, some feel need to come back to Ukraine and morally support their families. It is time to reevaluate and reconsider what we want and how we go from here. One thing clear, each step is bringing one further on the road of life and development, we are happy for each one of them. Another learning is, trauma processing in a long and complex thing, a lot of awareness and understanding is needed for the involved, participants as leaders.