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Corona edition: Immersion Concerts and carpenter WEDNESDAYS

Life goes on i forms we wouldn’t imagine for a while ago: that’s the core of evolution, but also learning and development. In a hard time of covid19 march all over the world, we realise we need to adjust our routines as well, and step up t another level of communication, expectations and planning. If not for crisis, what would we ever learn as adults?
With support from VIsionsfonden in Helsingborg, in June we launch two initiatives aiming to counter both stress and confusion coming out of the new “world order”. What does isolation do to us? What are effects on our environment and even more important, our reflections and impressions? Will it make us better humans as we learn to take better care of our home and appreciate social occasions, or will it drive us mad and violent as we cannot avoid conflicts and frustration in a way we used to?

The first project is raising a question about state of lone. When are you alone? It is how it looks, or how it feels? What triggers the good in ti, what triggers the bad? Within this project, we organise a series of six concerts – three programs repeating twice per evening, in darkness. Music from rap to barock, and noone in the audience is placed so she/he can reach or talk to another.

For, what is an experience? We claim, it is first when you get it through the body with all senses open, not only visual, when it awakens thoughts and memories, is when the music really gets to you.

There will be as said, three occasions (unless the interest will be big and we might organise more of them): on the 13, 21 and 27 of June.

Due to limitation of the amount of audience, admittance is only with a ticket registered. Tickets for these three occasions are free but all participants will be registered, to meet the safety guidelines.

Musicians performing are Jema Jones, Mahmoud Aboutaka and Angelina El Refai for rap; Kristina Sörensen – sång & fiol, Pontus Thuvesson – fiol, Anna Rynefors – nyckelharpa & svensk säckpipa, Erik Ask-Upmark – harpa, svensk säckpipa, offerdalspipa for Swedish traditional and barock music.

For tickets, please follow the link for the events below.

CARPENTER Wednesdays

The second project is a bit longer and with start ont the 23 of June, it will last for 8 occasions.
Idea is simple: ladies need a break from the family life, that tent to be sometimes very challenging, and a higher level of stress in the local community doesn’t help. Ladies tend to be quick learners. Ladies also need to get reminded sometimes that whatever times are there to come, they will always be able to evolve, stand up for their principles and take care of themselves. There, to be in a small community of other ladies with the same mindset, might help.

Each tuesday we hold a carpenter workshop, free of charge, for ladies only. Number of places are limited so even here, registration is needed.

Leadership in the workshops is open to any lady who wants to share her skills (even it may be a single thing she had done by herself), if you are interested, please let us know, directly to project leader

Would like to participate?

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On Going!

Mission Possible!

Come and join “Talaka” our crazy team of workers, chefs and builders! No experience required, only good energy and lots of creative ideas!

FREE + Accommodation

13 Jun.

Rap & Poetry Concert: CANCELLED

This event was cancelled. We will let you know about the new dates.

  • 18:00 – 19:00
  • 19:30 – 20:30

Young Blood is having a talk to her own another me, raising matters of will, trust, strive, and hope.

FREE (part 1)
FREE (part 2)

21 Jun.

Koncert i mörkret. Folk musik

  • 21/06/2020 06:00 PM to
  • 21/06/2020 07:00 PM


27 Jun.

Koncert i mörkret. Folk musik

  •  27/06/2020 07:30 PM to
  • 27/06/2020 08:30 PM


30 Jun.

Carpenter Wednesdays (LADIES ONLY) 

  • 30/06/2020 04:00 PM
  • 30/06/2020 08:00 PM


27 Feb.

2nd Connection Erasmus +

  • 27/02/2020
  • 25/05/2020


Crash course tango

We need more people learning to listen and communicate in other ways than talk.
Tango Fortuna is now running a tango intro: set of beginners’ lectures in tango for those who on different reasons, can stay close to each other. The lectures are free for people under 30 years old, for others it is 200 kr /4 occasions. The next round will be held on weeks 22-23 (two times a week), registration is obligatory by filling in this link

Ohoj! the movie from 2nd Connection project is ready!

This spring ehn covid-19 was still on the rise and hope about soon end of limitations was still there, we completed a wonderful training the idea to which came form a bright 15-year old trainee in our organisation, half a year earlier. We wanted to check and shake the ideas about identity and narratives that are articulated in communications occurring in 2nd generation migrant youth. Why, we did… Now looking forward to follow up and reconnect with the colleagues, to continue the journey!
There come two movies done by two teams within the project, one containing testimonies and one more of a memory pocket 🙂

Project Pocket!

New Initiative!

Project Pocket is an international initiative with the main purpose to promote and connect entrepreneurs worldwide by offering relevant services such as training, workshops, coaching and mentoring, networking opportunities and financing advice for potential start-up companies, entrepreneurs and social impact initiatives.

Please check our new website!

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This is a survey to help us to determine data for a market study to understand and help creatives start their own projects!

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Welcome to the yearly meeting 30/3 kl.18.30-20.00

Dear all, hereby all members are welcome to come to our yearly meeting that will take place in the office in Helsingborg, at Östra Sandgatan 9C, on the 30th of March at 18.30-20.00. In order to become a member, please pay the membership fee of 100kr to Bg 645-8327 (please mark with Imember2020) and fill in the registration form at

Agenda for meeting and request for special diet will be sent to registered members, a week before the meeting. See you!

Warm regards, Tania Bauder, the chairperson.

Tell us!

We help our members to bring their ideas to life!

Welcome to Projekt Pocket! Where we give the opportunity to every supportive member to pitch their project-idea to us and receive guidance – mentorship and tools to succeed.

Don’t worry if you’re not a company, don’t have money to invest or a specified target. We can help you to develop your project at any stage, even if all you have is just a good concept!

NOTE: Only members who support us can benefit from this service!
How can you support us? – By becoming a volunteer OR by donations.

How to become a Member?

You can become a Member at any time just by subscribing to our Newsletter. However, in order to benefit from Projekt Pocket, you must support us either with donations or volunteer.

Please see how to become a volunteer.

You can also work with us – helping in our activities – and work in your own project at the same time!

What can you gain?

  • Free accommodation (see Learning Centre)
  • Guidance
  • Mentors
  • Tools & Knowledge
  • Leadership Skills: Become a Leader of your own project

What you will NOT gain!

  • We will not pay you BUT we help you to find funds for your project.
  • We will not own your project. Your project-idea is yours alone.
  • We will not build/create your project FOR you, we will work WITH you!

How to Apply?

Fill the form below or contact us for more information.

There are no impossible, too big or too small projects. Every idea is important! 

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Would you like to become a volunteer?

Become a Volunteer!

In proQvi we are always happy to receive new volunteers or interns of any age or gender to work with us and help us turning new ideas into life!

You do not need to have a special degree or be anyhow related to NGO in order to become a volunteer. Everybody can come and help at any time, without the need to compromise yourself for a determined period. You can stay with us for a short, long-period of time, or even just a few hours.

Important note: ProQvi offers guidance, mentorship and tools to everybody who wishes to become a leader, start or establishes their own project, ONLY to volunteers or ex-volunteers.

As a volunteer you will:

  • Earn new Skills depending on the challenge;
  • Work with professionals & enlarge your network;
  • Benefit from free accommodation if you need;
  • Have the opportunity to share your own project-ideas

Become a Volunteer!

What kind of Volunteer can I be?

Depending on your availability, there are two types of volunteers:

  • Permanent Volunteer

Permanent Volunteers help us in various projects at the same time for short or long periods. They can do it remotely or benefit from free accommodation.

  • One-Time Volunteer

Helps us in one single event, activity, workshop and others.

  • Flexible Volunteer

Flexible Volunteer is like a “freelancer” volunteer who works on his/her own agenda. Can be working remotely monitoring our webpage, social media, design flyers for new events, editing videos and photographies, etc.

Which projects can you volunteer?

We have regular and irregular activities & projects that take place any time of the year, locally and internationally for short and long periods of time:

1. Learning Centre

Come and help in our Learning Centre in Hästveda!

We need a lot of help to transform this house in a learning centre to Festivals, Learning Courses, Workshops and activities. This is a big house with large outdoor space only 1 minute from the train station!

Currently, the house has living conditions, full kitchen, single and shared bedrooms for volunteers to come, live and work there!
We need help in:

  • Building
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning
  • Decorating

2. Training Courses

training course is a series of lessons or lectures teaching or developing the skills that you need for a particular job or activity. In proQvi we plan to take training courses to an another level by providing innovative methods of informal and non-formal education for the different craft and needs.
As a volunteer, you can participate in the training course, enlarge your network and also learn new skills related to business, administration, organisation, funding, project planning and others.

After you volunteer with us, we can help you to achieve your dream-project and become a leader or a trainer.

3. Youth Exchanges

Youth exchanges allow groups of young people from different countries or cities to meet, live together and work on shared projects for a short period of time (generally from 4 days to 1 month)
On a youth exchange, you can expect to participate in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, outdoor activities and more.

As a volunteer, you can participate and help us to organize youth exchanges in order to provide a unique learning experience either in Sweden or in other European countries. By participating in a youth exchange you will benefit from free accommodation, basic food, and we pay for travel expenses as well.

Our Babies

We treat all our initiatives and projects equally with a big heart and we call it “our babies”.

Would you like to join the family?
We are always happy to welcome new members!

By becoming a Member, you can:

  • Participate in our training courses, youth exchanges, activities and other experiments;
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  • Start your own project! – We offer guidance and tools to reach your dream!
  • Do an International Internship: – Become our Alumni (intern, researcher, guest, speaker)
    Read more about it in: Outintic House.

Only members who work with us can then benefit from our facilities, tools and mentorship to start their own project.

Tango Fortuna

Learn how to dance Argentinian tango in the Helsingborg.
Tango Fortuna: discover a whole new dimension of life!


Clovers is a non-gonvermental and non-profit organisation for youth activities and events in Skåne, Sweden.

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Project Pocket

A long-term project designed to guide and provide tools to young creatives to start their own projects and succeed in their career.

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Let us know your special interests in the subject field.
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