About Us

Proqvi is a non-profit international association for women and youth with the focus on integration, diversity and personal growth.

We do not only work with women as an isolated group. We want to meet and get to know as much as possible of competence and opportunities that exist out there, to create as good conditions as possible for women.

Everybody is a warm welcome to get in touch with us and tell about her thoughts, ideas or propositions. Several times a year we organize events for youngsters where girls, boys, and transpersons are welcome to participate.

We welcome all women and persons who relate their identity as one, to become s a member in proQvi. Men and organizations can support members without the voting right, and as a non-profit body, we appreciate any support we can get a lot! The difference between being a member or not is in the convenience of participating in our activities. As a member, you get:

  • lower entrance/participation fee for certain events or projects
  • participation in international projects
  • insurance during the participating in our activities
  • exclusive information about spontaneously planned events.

In order to become a member in proQvi, please contact us via  tusenmila@gmail.com and tell your full name, address, personal number and your main interest.

ProQvi is registered in Ekeby, Bjuvs kommun. We run both local and international projects.

International Association for Women and Youth