It all started year 2010 in a small village of Ekeby, South Sweden where Proqvi started nurturing ideas and experiments hosting inspired creatives from all over Europe. This “dragons lair” is still there and frequently used for all from hosting our guests to dancing lectures.

Since 2018 the main office of Proqvi is in Helsingborg, in a Cultural Quarters Portugal as it is called, at Östra Sandgatan 9C. There we have a room full of flower decorations and a table for meetings. It is a small cosy space for meetings and considerations about life and fortune… There is wifi in the building and the room is free to use by all our members.

In 2019 with the help of volunteers, we opened our own training location in the countryside in a small village of Hästveda, about 2 hours drive from Copenhagen airport. For the first time in 40 years, the house was filled with life and voices. There is still much work left to be done on the house before it will shine therefore we are open for any propositions about help and volunteering there, as well as booking of this location for arrangements with expectations put not so high 🙂 The house was named Outintic after the project it was hosting 2019 and is meant to become a place focused on high-sensitive people, made by and for them.
There is a capacity of hosting 29 persons, there are three bathrooms/two showers, and a train station 100 m away, forest and two lakes nearby.

The Year 2020 we bet on a cooperative incubator for creative and dedicated people where all good ideas we have been witnessing during the years, could finally get a place to grow and sparkle. Just in time fr corona to hit the streets… Well. The place is there and we are happy that even with the distance restrictions, there is still a place for office work, meetings, acoustic concerts, and video/photo sessions. It’s the effect of a playground: empty box with sand, well, in our case, with a beautiful wooden floor 🙂 containing stories waiting to be revealed.
The room is 240 sqm with windows letting soulful evening lights come in. We named it Project Pocket and gave a logotype of an umbrella collecting water, giving life. Unexpected outcomes have always fascinated us and gave us the most precious memories.
Check out the memberships available for people from wherever in the world, maybe this is the place you were looking for, to conduct your exhibition?

What connects all these spaces is our belief that bringing together various backgrounds, competencies and cultures will create a solid ground for building up a flexible, capable and independent community of internationals for global change of mind.
Our amenities are providing conditions for a very wide range of projects, from exhibitions and seminars to filmmaking and other creative productions. What we expect from you as a member to provide is dedication to your project and persistence in working on it (not always the same, and may sound easier than it is).
The community of members is there for each one member of it, to find colleagues, to spread the word about your work and get feedback and support. Persevering dreams is not all that fun at times and having people around you helps.
What is important is that any person from anywhere in the world can become a member. Come to Sweden with your project once a year for a weekend, for a month or maybe as a volunteer, for several?

Become a member in the organization to just follow the news, extend membership to Project Pocket to be able to use the locations for drop-in works, get Outintic society pass for even being able to use the housing facility for a group in Hästveda.
Times change, follow the adjustments!

So, here are different membership opportunities:

  • In Helsingborg, there are office spaces for you to come and work. – Open large rooms suitable for events, meetings, screenings, courses, workshops or other activities, however, until Autumn, with a limitation of 15 persons at a time and without internet.
  • In Hästveda, we have accommodation, outdoor spaces and office only one minute from the train station, suitable for all the above, retreats, training courses, and more.
Guidance & Work Space
internet, wifi
Kitchen area

In Hästveda

PROJECT POCKET membership gives access to locations in Helsingborg and Hästveda, for activities for certain periods during the day.

OUTINTIC Pass gives the opportunity to book the house in Hästveda for boarding activities that may last several days. You get the training room, guest rooms and kitchen to your disposal. Please note that activities conducted in the house can under no circumstances break the principles of Proqvi (check the memorandum if you are not certain) and should be open for eventual controlling visit from the authorities.

Project Pocket Outintic SOCIETY PASS is a format that allows both creatives and entrepreneurs to enter into a free and open community where they will live together for a determined period of time, create their own project, participate in other projects, learn and help each other. With this format, payment of the membership fee is replaced with voluntary work so you work on your own project at the same time as you dedicate part of your time to work with the organization and other people’s projects, in Helsingborg and/or Hästveda.
It is a new concept and we really hope it will work, on several reasons:

  • to fill the gap between education and employment, by providing
    tools and resources to any age and gender to learn and build
    together a creative project in a safe open-minded environment.
  • To help the local community by reconnecting youngsters with the
    elders, and with nature.
  • Contributing to arts and culture by providing more events,
    activities, artistic exhibitions, and multicultural exchange.

What is there for you?

  • Accommodation: Single or mixed bedroom, shared bathroom
  • Shared spaces for networking and sharing ideas
  • Office Space
  • Career guidance / Help to make your own project idea
  • Participation in our workshops, learn more skills
  • Contribute with a positive community impact
  • Spiritual retreat, meditation sessions and walks in nature

There are no photos of the house yet.

What We Have  for You In Helsingborg

“Projekt Pocket” is our new invention which gathers a new Co-Working Place for Creatives to start their own project our participate in ours:

Available with a maximum 25 people for:

  • Start-ups
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Activities
  • Learning Courses
  •  Exhibitions
  • And more…

Work Floor

240 SQ meters, wooded floor.

Kitchen, Toilet & Shower

Kitchenette included with sink, showers and toilet. 

Conference Room

Speakers, Internet / Wifi included., Projector, Printing/Fax.

How to book it? 

By becoming a member you can use our facilities  to your own project and also participate in others. 

Contact us for more information: 

Phone:        (+46) 761 665626



Address:     Västras Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg

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