Distant Voices

Distant Voices is a youth exchange that aims to provide a learning space to exchange ideas and discuss the issues and possible solutions of young people face in rural areas and to promote intercultural learning among young people between 15-24 April 2019, in Svalöv, Sweden under Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchanges. ProQvi from Sweden will organize the youth exchange with its partners from Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. All the partner organizations will co-shape the event, recruit and prepare participants and conduct dissemination and follow-up activities. Each group will consist of 1 leader and 7 participants. Overall, the project will bring 40 people from 5 different countries. The young people in rural areas face a number of serious social and economic difficulties. Many rural areas, especially those in the most remote places, with very few populations or with dependence on agriculture, face sustainability challenges for growth, jobs and future years. Community involvement among young people from rural areas is low. Young people who chose to stay in their rural community face particular challenges related to inclusion in civic society and local decision-making. The project will discuss and define good practices for social inclusion and active participation of young people whose representation in society is weak, and who lacks possibilities to express their will, opinion and influence their living conditions. It also aims to give an opportunity to people with fewer opportunities, young people from rural and suburban areas, a possibility to meet other youngsters from other countries and together address the topics of opportunities, accessibility and active participation. During the project activities that include various methods of group work and reflections, participants will develop an understanding of the factors that influence the power of their representation in society, they will gain a more positive view of their own capacities and background, their special competence about local conditions as well as they will be encouraged to approach creatively their employment opportunities in local communities. We believe that Erasmus+ is a great tool to work with young people from rural areas. So, with the help of this youth exchange, we would like to discuss all these challenges and possible future with young people coming from different parts of Europe, but experiencing similar challenges for their representation and active citizenship.

International Association for Women and Youth