Outintic is a project running between 2018-08-01 and 2019-10-31. In this period, we will meet three

  • For a planning/strategy meeting, 16-20 December in Sweden, Hästveda (Hässleholm municipality).
  • For a Study visit, we will meet again in Sweden for 6 days in Spring but the dates will be decided during the strategy meeting.
  • For the final activity 7 days long, we will go to Istanbul, hosted by Kadikoy municipality. Also
    dates for this visit will be decided during the strategy meeting.

The project will bring together 20 specialists and youth workers from 4 countries: Sweden, Netherlands, Italy and Turkey.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To develop a cross-sectorial discourse of deviant competences, where youth workers (generalists) and social workers (specialists) can develop their professional competences on the

inclusion of young people with psychosocial and cognitive conditions;

  • To encourage new clusters of stakeholders to cooperate on the learning approach and socializing of young people, by seeing all young people as their own specialists;
  • To raise awareness about special learning conditions and learning capacities;
  • To enrich and equip youth workers with understanding and tools to work with deviant competences;
  • To promote cooperation between ‘narrow’ specialists working with deviant competences and
    youth workers, using both their knowledge and experiences in order to develop opportunities to include young people with psychosocial and cognitive conditions in their local communities;
  • To increase the quality of youth work regarding inclusion processes;
  • To promote Erasmus+ as a tool for the further development of young people’s and youth workers’
    professional and social skills.

In the center of project’s philosophy is the notion of deviant competences. We needed definition in order to explain patterns of behavior, communication and learning for all bright “different” people out there, and we couldn’t find any more suitable. Enjoy! deviant competence definition intro

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