Lin och Blåklint festivalen 2011




Year 2011  Helsingborg experiences the shortest invasion ever.

Between the 25 of August and the 3 of September it is fresh breeze of Belarusian culture that comes to the city.

For the first time ever the message it brings along is written by women: curious, creative and all so different: in age, backgrounds, interests, occupations and visions. 

Why are we here? Because at some point one you get tired of being surprised with peoples awareness of Belarus – also known in Sweden as Vitryssland, legasy of Soviet Union. At some point – nearly a generation after the old empire fall into pieces – it is logical to expect that an independent country will get it’s independence in the minds of west europeans as well.


Sometimes we like certains things, just when we don’t have a choice.

Sometimes we hate certain things, just because we never really had a choice.

To be forced to make up your mind is something which is common for both West and East Europe.


The purpose with the festival is not to make Belarus look better. It is about giving you a choice. Something many of us have never been given.

Two simple flowers blue as water in oh so many lakes of Belarus inspired the name of the festival Lin&Blåklint (Flax&Cornflower).

 The idea behind is the more you look in history of two coutries, their people’s way of thinking and way of liking things, the more and more similarities you will find.

Festival unites several activities, all in Helsingborg, most of them in the centre within 5 minutes walk from each other.

A sneaky start we will have with a concert of ethno-jazz music in S:a Anna chirch on the 24th of August. Two more conserts are taking place, one at Dunkers culture house (Vernissage day on August, 25) and one in Maria chirch (August, 26).


The exhibition og aquarell paintings and children books you will be able to see during the whole festival time in Dunkers.


Walk upphill towards the tower: you might find interesting the photo exhibition: how do you think rural life looks like in Belarus? Have a look at the cinema Röda Kvarn, second floor.


Do absolutely not miss the exhibition of lithographs, design dolls and jewellery in the Purpur gallery in Råå. It is an old fishing district with cosy narrow streets and little houses – just like one on the postcard you get every christmas, and just 5 minutes drive from the centre. Gallery is open Thursday – Saturday.

linnebla guests

Students and their teacher from the Art gymnasium-college, Minsk


Three girls are coming as the ambassadors of belarussian creative youth, to tell the story of what it takes to be a young woman and study, work, think, and (not) be famous i Belarus. Come to mingle on vernissage day the 25th of August and hear all you was wondering about but was afraid to ask about Belarus.

Exhibition at Dunkers kulturhus, August the 25th – September the 3rd.


linnebla marina Artist Maryna Kapilava

Fragile and controversial art by Maryna Kapilava is something you won’t mix with anything else on Earth. This time in Helsingborg there will be a series of lithographs, dolls and jewellry to see. How much jewellry can be not-jewellry and dolls are as far to play with as only art can justify, you are welcome to check out yourself.

Exhibition in the gallery Purpur, Råå (South Helsingborg) august the 25th-27th and september the 1st-3rd.


linnebla marinas3

linnebla marinas2






Fotographer Ludmila Hancharova




Ludmila is coming to the festival not in person but in her works; of all variety of topics the rural life was chosen. See if there is anything you might recognize from your childhood, or maybe from a tourist brochure? Will it fascinate you, scare you, irritate or make you laugh?

Exhibition at Röda Kvarn.


linnebla foto4 linnebla foto3 linnebla fotograflinnebla foto2linnebla foto1











Ethno-jazz band Akana-NHS

linnebla guests akana


 The moment you get to your roots you realize we all grow from the same soil. There are few places you can hear authetic belarusian folkmusik, there is even fewer chances you will hear it in jazz version. Well, these three girls are working hard to make this happen more often. Don’t miss your chance to meet them on three conserts they give on the 24th, 25th and 26th of August in Helsingborg.

Consert at S:ta Anna chirch, Dunkers kulturhus, S:ta Maria chirch.


We are happy to have such partners, sponsors and supporters as:


Dunkers kulturhus

Helsingborg stad

Galleriet Purpur

Röda Kvarn

Helsingborgs konstförening

DFDS Lisco

Bauder Text& Kommunikation

Kvinoförening ProQvi

Here we come!

The official opening was on the 25th of August, with vernissage at Dunkers kulturhus and gallery Purpur. The Photo exhibition at Röda Kvarn was opened to stay to as late as October!

linnebla8 linnebla9

The works called a great attention and references from the visitors. Students were on the place to present the exhibition and answer the questions.

Information week at the city library in Helsingborg,

the 15th – 22nd of August

A country as good as neighbour can remain a mystery and even worse, not call for any interest at all. That is what happens to Belarus today. Without any pretencious aiming, we’d like to give you a glimpse of the country which only politicians like to talk about.


The ethno-jazz music group Akana-NHS performed in the evening of August, 26 at St:a Maria church in the centre of Helsingborg. Performance was en exciting fusion of authentic folk music and organ.

linnebla 8 linnebla11

Utställning av litografier på Biografen Röda Kvarn: serie ”Kortlek”, 13 litografier av Marina Kapilava.

linnebla LITOGRAFlinnebla5



Workshop Måla på glas:

Inget är enklare och roligt än att få en alldeles unik egen för hand tillverkat vas, lykta eller skål – genom att måla på glas tillsammans med våra kreativa gäster.

linnebla6 linnebla12 linnebla glas - kopia

Workshop Porträtt målning:

Alla besökare som råkar befinna sig i Dunkers kulturhus under workshops tid är välkomna att posera för våra gäster; de blivna porträtt får man med sig hem som ett minne från festivalen.

linnebla PORTRET 1

The day after exhibition students were practicing their skills together with the students of the International school of Helsingborg; this experience was beneficial for all participants.

linnebla PORTRET 2 - kopia


Ta del av en vitrysk matvana: bara en liten bit, hur pass (o)lika det kan vara?

linnebla CAFE - kopia


To all who wants to support festival

Order a t-shirt with a unique design! For order, contact the coordanator at
T’shirts cost 100 kr. plus shipment 36 kr. within Sweden.
Payment to Bankgiro 645-8327, PROQVI (that’s how the arranging organization is called :))
Thank you!

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