EVE-EWRA: 2nd visit, Spain

The second short-term learning activity/study visit, took place in Alicante in February 2017 and was following the steps of the first one: after discussing the conditions that are not in entrepreneurs power to change, like laws or policies, we move to discussions about the only thing an entrepreneur has a complete power over: her own time and energy. We visit small communities in the countryside around city of Alicante, listening to many stories and meeting a lot of strong women.

We also have a session for the presentation of material from Turkey on actual topic, as well as an analytic session about the similarities of obstacles and important factors that inluence young women´s entrepreneurship in rural areas, in our respective countries: Sweden, Spain and Turkey.

Program 2 visit Alicante 14-19 February 2017 ACTIVIDADES EWRA

Pictures 2 visit Alicante

International Association for Women and Youth