“Nothing about you is given truth but reality that you create yourself.”


Talk2Talk is an event including a high level of communication in terms of widening the experience of understanding through reality and creativity. The event also focuses on the values of human rights and problems related to discriminations and freedom. In Talk2Talk diversity between people encourages us to improve our understanding of difference and communication between people in a wide spectrum. This event aims to discover the truth in many aspects in order to retain our tolerance and power of communication. Also one of the main purposes of this gathering is to maintain our cooperation and potency amongst participants and to point out the social exclusion in many situations.  As Proqvi we plan to improve these kinds of gatherings and events through various kinds of events and social networks between organizations.  We hope that Talk2Talk will benefit everyone in terms of self-development and social awareness in recognition of exclusions in society including the participants and observers and as an outcome of these works; furthermore, in the forthcoming chances it will benefit all of us in our fields.



International Association for Women and Youth