Let’s make it together!

We are living in times when we are surrounded with so many different technologies, smart phones, tv’s, fridges, vacuum cleaners, watches, tablets, laptops, millions of applications and games, most of them virtual and online. All this technology is made to make our lives easier, more productive, interactive and interesting. But when we are using technology and applications too much it can have many negative effects on us. The problem is that many people are becoming too dependent on technology and lose basic operational, logistic, coordination, analytic and assembling skills . Young people often get disconnected from the knowledge and skills of basic and vital processes like cooking, gardening or fixing simple things at home. Most of them don’t even consider it as a problem because they are used either to services that annihilate the problem, or a possibility to simply replace the object with a new one. When people don’t know the basic process they become very dependent on these extern services and resources and in case they can’t keep up with their demands and can’t pay for all their wishes they get helpless and anxious . If we don’t show and teach the young people logics of basic processes in the future they will be very vulnerable to consumerism manipulation and scared of changes.

The project aim is: Mastering practical and social competencies of young people to be productive and creative at home and community

Based on the aim the objectives are following:

– Motivating young people to start being more active and productive in the household

– Understanding of ground principles of household organisation, distribution and applying roles and responsibilities

– Raising awareness and understanding the gender balanced perspective in applying gender equality in the everyday activities

– Improving the knowledge and skills of young people to use safely many home and garden tools for everyday purpose

– Improving the (intercultural) team- work skills and attitudes through various practical activities on field

– Improving the competencies for solving everyday challenges and applying creative ideas with using different home tools

– Increasing the knowledge and skills on how to apply innovative gardening and agriculture, following the newest ecological trends and demands for healthy food

– Increasing the knowledge and skills on how to cook different intercultural and healthy dishes and motivate them towards healthier lifestyle;

– Broadening the knowledge and skills of reusing, recycling and repairing things in order to reduce waste and decrease climate changes.

– Increasing their creativity and art skills while being practically engaged in creative activities

– Improving their basic knowledge and skills about safely using and maintaining vehicles

– Increasing their knowledge about different opportunities for professional development.

The project was planned for summer 2021 but due to corona situation, it was postponed to summer of 2022 and now will take place 1-15 of August i n Hästveda, Hässleholms municipality.

Please indicate your interest and ask question by sending us a mail, to tusenmila@gmail.com or if you are absolutely positive about that you want to be part of this experience, apply for participation by filling in the form. All question please address to the email above or to the phone number +46761 665626.

International Association for Women and Youth