Carpenters wednesdays ladies only

Weekly forum for women to meet and talk, well, and do something meanwhile 🙂 A voluntary fee visitor’s fee applies (you leave some money for coffee and snacks if you can afford it). We have a simple set of tools to use and some woods to play with, you are free to take some thing with you if you want to work on something specific. Work alone or in a group, help others or propose an idea of your own… Free flow and open talks apply!

Every Wednesday, 16.00-20.00 at our location of Project Pocket , Västra Sandgatan 6 in Helsingborg.
Leader is Mia Göthberg, you can reach her with questions +46703786765.
From time to time we even organize carpenters’ school where during 4 sessions, you get basic skills working on a simple group or individual project. If you are interested, please contact us through Project Pocket.

International Association for Women and Youth