Supporting Youngsters with Autism – How to deal with sensory issues


23.8 – 29. 8. 2021
Domžale (Dob), Slovenia

Youth workers work with different youngsters with different needs and backgrounds, including young people with autism and sensory issues. The rise of the diagnosis of autism indicate that there is a possibility that youth workers will meet in their work
youngsters with autism, even if they haven’t met them yet. Therefore, it is important for youth workers and others who work directly with young people, to acquire knowledge an competences in the field of autism and sensory issues, for more successful involvement of young people in the social and civil life or simply in the activity that is being performed.
The project aims to build on last year’s project, Supporting youngsters with autism in youth work, where we learned the basics of autism and methods of working with young people, this time we are focusing on sensory issues.

The main objective of the project is for participants to gain new knowledge and experiences of working with young people with autism and sensory issues and practical experience of making gadgets and tools that can help in the process of sensory
integration. Sensory room and tools will be made by the principle DIY. Our aim is also to strengthen international dimension and cooperation between organizations that are active in the field of social inclusion.
Training will be led by three trainers, who are coming from two different organizations and have experiences in working with youngsters with autism and youngsters with special needs, including sensory challenges and searching for different solutions.
The training will include working with young people with autism. The participants will prepare various tools and sensory room, which youngsters will also try out. The methods of non-formal education and experimental learning will be used.

International Association for Women and Youth