Intercultural Playback Theatre

Intercultural Playback Theatre

Erasmus+, Klaris training course in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.

Start: 19th September 2021
End: 26 September 2021

Training for Youth Workers to increase soft skills for social change.

Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK.


Intercultural Playback Theatre is a training course for youth workers, educators, NGO representa=ves who work with young people who would like to increase their competences to create social change for their youth groups.

The youth workers involved will specifically gain knowledge, skills and aptitudes towards intercultural learning, active listening, recognition of various sides of one story, and exploration on how expressed emotions and feelings help us to create meaningful conversations around cultures and identity. Throughout the course, we will explore how playback theatre can help to facilitate cross-cultural communication of youth in their organisations and communities. With these skills, the participants will be able to learn crea=ve and par=cipa=ve methods to facilitate meaningful cultural exchange in their own organisa=ons.

If you wish to participate in our TC please fill in an application form on hpps:// 5pmTaadZwvNUtA9j9 or click above in “Apply Here.”

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