Gender: Still an issue 2024

Buckle up as we are slowly starting to get tired of the same old song, played all over again and again and in different languages… What do we have to do to make good people of the world adopt and promote the idea that women are an equally inevitable, equally capable, equally creative and strong part of humanity?
Let’s try in different languages….
Save the date in your calender: 3-9 June 2024 we will engage ourselves, engage others (!) into a city – wide multilogue about gender equality. What it is, why is it, where and how and at what price. Dilemmas, challenges, laughters and grill-talks girls in between… Join the celebration of open heart, open talk and open mind!

Tell us already now if you want to be a volunteer and join the team on planning and learning ALL the backstage of organising a culture event, or if you want to be a creator and want to put ALL of your burning thoughts out there into the world!

Send us a mail:

or call +46761665626

See you!

Preliminarty program:

1-4 day: 

10-12.00 study visit and prototyping session with local youth/culture organizations 

13-15.00 a public appearance activity recorded for online dissemination (a round table, a dialogue, an interview, a debate)

16.00 – 18.00 an open workshop 

20-22.00 informal socialising experience: a film club night (watch and discuss), a board game night, a girls’ talk night, a brainstorm pit: open and unfiltered discussion about gender issues and fails in work with it. We have done sessions like this before and it produced a strong impact on participants. 

5-6 day: work on the manifesto.

7th day: Public pen event and the vernissage.

Let’s the build up the expectations, and then make it happen, together!

International Association for Women and Youth