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Short Film Competition!

We are announcing the film competition of the project “See the Girl“!
The short film should be following the topic of the project, length max 3 minutes, originally produced and the main prize is the director’s visit to Sweden in winter 2022/23. For more information about the competition, please contact us.

Want to know more about the project? Check here.

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New member!

Catarina César just joined proQvi

The Portuguese Filmmaker Catarina César is now a proQvi member determined to explore the future of storytelling and develop new and innovative projects related with the Audiovisual & Media Arts for all creatives from different nationalities and backgrounds’. She will join Project Pocket, which is design to help creatives to succeed in their career by offering guidance and tools to their projects, which can be related to art, cultural activities, media, start their own company, and more.

Catarina’s idea is to build a self-sustainable Co-Working Space + Pitching Forum for creatives to share their ideas and receive guidance for their projects.


For the last five years, Catarina has travelled the world gathering stories and developing her expertise in scriptwriting and film production. After finishing her Masters in Audiovisual Production, she has worked in all fields from Film/TV development to post-production for short-films, tv shows, dramas, documentaries, features and film festivals. Her main goal is to bound art & business in a self-sustainable Co-Work environment for new artists and filmmakers to create great content together.

If we want to tell stories that reflect and shape our society we have to create a space where all types of people can work and grow.

About Project Pocket

Currently, we are consuming more content than ever. The world have changed the way we consume video, whilst museums, theatre and galleries have embraced technology and games to create new awe-inspiring experiences. While the audience evolves from viewer to user, there are also a lot of creatives being left behind, and great potential ideas that are not being heard.

Project Pocket tries to change that…

Everybody has a story or a project idea that can change the world but have no opportunities and tools to make it, which increases the numbers of poor mental health in this industry, unsuccessful careers, demoralization and stagnation.

And yet, all it takes for us to succeed as creatives is an opportunity:
– Opportunity to create great content,
– Enlarge our network and the freedom to continue creating in a safe self-sustainable environment.

Therefore, Project Pocket is meant to give voice to creative minds and open space for fresh ideas to become alive, by providing accommodation, tools and knowledge for artists to join in a team, exchange expertise and develop their own independent projects, in order to help minorities, tackle discrimination and fulfil the gap between education and employment.

” Nothing in this world is forever, so we must start to think of what are we leaving behind. “

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